The overexposure to the Sun can be very harmful to your eyes and later eyesight. As we use sunscreen to take care of our skin, we cannot forget to protect our eyes from the Sun during Summertime, with for example, a quality pair of sunglasses. In this way, if we don´t properly take care of our eyes during Summer, we can suffer some serious consequences such as photo keratitis, causing the burning of the cornea and even to the development of cataracts. Therefore, we would like to share with you some simple tips to protect your eyes from the sun this Summer.

Summertime: Sunglasses are essential

Do not go outdoors during Summer without sunglasses. They are the main protection accessory against the harmful UV rays of the Sun. With a pair of good sunglasses, you will block the UV rays and protect our eyes during the intense periods of Summer Sun. Make sure that you acquire sunglasses with a high level of UV protection to ensure their effectiveness.

Summertime sunglasses

Wear a Hat

Sunglasses as mentioned are essential, but to maximise the protection of your eyes, better also to wear a Hat. It will prevent direct Sunlight from all angles and in addition also protect your head and face.

Summer Hat

Keep your eyes hydrated and clean

Important to keep your eyes well hydrated and clean. With the Summer heat we tend to be exposed longer to the Sun, you go to the beach or pool, you play in the sand, you rub lots sunscreen over yourself etc., all this can irritate and dry-out your eyes, increasing the probability of damage without even realising.

To avoid this, keep your eyes hydrated more frequently than usual with artificial saline tears. This will help you basically to improve the state of your eyes in these situations and protect them especially during the Summer months.

dry eyes summer

Use water glasses or goggles

The Sun is not the only thing that can damage your eyes in Summer. Water can also causes serious damages to eyes if you are not careful. Always try to wear water glasses or goggles to protect them from sea salt and disinfectant substances in the pool water, such as chlorine, which irritates eyes and can even cause inflammation.

Water googles in summer

Careful on cloudy days

Though the Sun is not shining brightly in the sky due to cloud cover, it does not mean that the harmful Sun-rays  are not exposing all over you and onto your eyes. Use sunglasses and sun protection also on cloudy days to avoid possible & unexpected damage.

Summer clouds

Enjoy yourself in Summertime, but do not forget to protect your eyes!

The most important Athletes have had to wear Sports Eyewear to enhance their eyesight during competition. Even if you do not need prescription Eyewear for your Sport you may consider using them due to the numerous advantages they can offer: a lower risk of possible eye damage and the enhancement to your vision under extreme conditions. Nowadays, many sports Clubs do not allow their members to play without protective Eyewear.

Below you can discover a few tips on finding the Sports Eyewear which Best suits your needs:

Do I need prescription Sports Eyewear?

This is the first question you must ask yourself when choosing glasses for your Sport. If you usually wear prescription glasses then you should do so while practising your favourite Sport. Consult your Optician and let him/her help you choose the best glasses for your needs. If you don’t use prescription glasses you can also use Sports Eyewear to enhance your performance or as a protective measure.

What are the best glasses for each sport?

Each sport has its own special characteristics and Eyewear must compliment and strengthen the necessary natural abilities. These are some of the most popular Sports and their best Eyewear tips for each one:

  • Basketball and Football: the ideal Sports Eyewear are wraparounds as they settle easily and do not move.
  • Athletics: lightweight, wraparounds and polycarbonate are the best characteristics for this sport.
  • Ski: the best is to choose durable, resistant & light Ski goggles
  • Golf: polarized sports sunglasses that protect & enhance vision.
  • Field Hockey: sports goggles with secure head straps

Golf sports eyewear

What features should I look out for?

  • Lens colour: you must make sure the lens colour is appropriate for the Sport and weather conditions as some colours are best in certain conditions.
  • Wraparounds or simple frames? Consider the type of Sport and “physical contact” involved; wraparounds are easier to strap around and keep in place while simple glasses are more comfortably settling on the nose.

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Here is a selection of some Prescription Eyewear frames for you to contemplate. Eyeglasses for any style and any situation. That is, from a the work look, to a more casual image or the gentleman full fit. You may find what you are looking for or receive ideas after this quick read. We certainly hope this is the case

Prescription Eyewear: Casual style

Oakley Crosslink

The Oakley Crosslink are ideal for those searching for a casual and comfortable style. The frame offers many possibilities thanks to light and durable materials being a perfect frame for practising Sports. What we like most about this model is that the rods are interchangeable, enabling numerous wearing styles, colours and contexts. A real Top seller!

Classic style

Hugo Boss Prescription Eyewear

These Hugo Boss prescription glasses are targeted to those who want to wear unique eyeglasses but without falling in eccentricities; you´ll keep it simple with these plastic squared frames in neutral colours. They are definitely a very smart choice.

Sophisticated Style

Tom Ford Eyewear

If you want to add to your working outfit sometime “special” we recommend these Tom Ford Eyewear design. We love this model, its double “bridge” is a top trend and the plastic black frame is perfect for any occasion: office, parties, after work…etc. The most special detail and characteristic from this model is its metallic bridge, in the same colour as the trim, typical of Tom Ford frames.

We invite you to look at our many other prescription eyeglasses models in our online store.

We cannot deny it, Coachella has undoubtedly become the most stylish festival in the World. We can encounter there the most extravagant experiences in our lives, everything from the hottest music to the most outrageous outfits. We want to share a special secret with you: Glitter is the big trend for 2017. We could see glitter tattoos, glitter beards, glitter everywhere…it was amazing because the atmosphere became magical full of flashes.

But that is not all; if you are a selfie addict, don’t worry because at the Art Zone the stand named “The Lamp Beside the Golden Door”, you found lots of mirrors placed in different directions and it has become one of the best selfie spots at Coachella.

The Coachella 2017 sunglasses trends that we have identified go from Iconic models like the “Aviator”, to Rounded frames, through mirror lenses and right up to the Classical frames. We’ve picked some of our favourite celebrities spotted with sunglasses that are sure to be trending through the upcoming Festival Music Season.

Look and feel the Coachella vibe!

Alessandra Ambrosio and the Alain Mikli last arrival

coachella sunglasses
Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella

Alain Mikli always surprises us! His latest collection is a collaboration with the French Singer and model Imany. The Eyewear model that Alessandra is showing belongs to this exclusive collection based on two styles perfectly mixed: the exotic African prints with their beautiful and bright colours that contrast of dark frames. We love them!

Brooklyn Beckham faithful to Ray-Ban

round metal rayban sunglasses
Brooklyn Beckham wearing Rayban sunglasses

The oldest offspring of the “Golden Couple”, David and Victoria Beckham, always choose Ray-Ban to protect his eyes. We have seen him at Coachella with the Ray Ban Round Metal sunglasses that look so chic.

Frieda Pinto back to the 60’s

60's sunglasses
Frieda Pinto back to the 60’s

Frieda is an authentic trendsetter choosing the new arrival from Ray-Ban, the Ja-Jo, inspired in the “Groovy style” with these Rounded sunglasses. Slim, with oversized metal frame retro-inspired: we love them. Trend-alert mode on!

Ryan Phillippe Sporty chic

oakley sunglasses
Ryan Phillippe Sporty chic

It’s difficult to focus your eyesight on his sunglasses …look at those toned arms! He is wearing Oakley Holbrook sunglasses with mirrored lenses. A Sporty look perfect for a festival day.

This post is just a selection of some of the models that are now trending & that we love most for the upcoming Music Festival season. We invite you to visit our online store and discover many other models that can serve as the perfect accessory for those fabulous concerts moments.

Kendall Nicole Jenner is model and fashion designer, the “It Girl” is 21 years old and she has a great club of followers, her outfits are trend-setters in most fashion magazines, on the Catwalks and Social Media channels. Like many other celebrities of her age (Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Zoe Kravitz or Lilly Rose Depp) Kendall has that “je ne sais quoi” that transfers onto the clothing she selects whenever she appears in public gatherings to become the best sellers in Fashion industry; dictating the rules of what will be trend in each season. Check out on this post a selection of Kendall Jenner sunglasses that we are sure will triumph this Spring-Summer season 2017.

Kendall Jenner Eyewear Inspiration

Informal but glamorous

Kendall Jenner sunglasses
Kendall Jenner wearing sophisticated sunglasses

Are you looking to go unnoticed? Although Kendall decides to wear the sportiest styling, as we can see in the photo, she cannot leave home without her sunglasses. We love this outfit because of the contrast enhanced by informal dress code and the chic sunglasses. Specifically, these sunglasses remind us a lot of the technologic Dior sunglasses  that make a difference for their geometric style and their futuristic touch.

The most extreme cat-eye design

Cat eye specs
Kendall Jenner in cat-eye sunglasses

If you define yourself with the “Vintage Style” we have the perfect sunglasses for you: we suggest these Tom Ford sunglasses. The cat-eye frame with completely black lenses express something new and different preserving the elegance of past iconic eyewear.

The perfect circle

Kendall Jenner sunglasses
Kendall Jenner in the amusent Park

From time to time, we get back to our childhood and we have fun, like Kendall Jenner at the Amusement Park. We have seen her enjoying a day with the family, celebrating the North West birthday, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Her specs remind us of the Ja-jo model that Rayban has just launched, inspired by the 70’s hippy movement. We love the model because of the great variety of coloured lenses to choose from.

Long live Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses
Kendall Jenner in Coachella Festival

The festival season is coming and with it some different coloured and shaped sunglasses. Coachella is alive! We have seen Kendall Jenner with Aviator sunglasses that always are a good choice. The Aviators are perfect because of there´re timeless and if we are looking for a rocker style they are The Eyewear. The classic Ray-Ban cockpit is our favourite bet.

If you like the models we have selected for you we invite you to look at our wide selection of models in our online store.


We want to devote our post to a gadget that in recent years is revolutionizing the way in which we discriminate reality from fiction: Virtual Reality glasses. This electronic device, also known as HMD (Head-mounted Display) makes the user wearing it perceive images through the retina in a bigger scale, in 3D, making him or her be more involved in the context being observed. Can you imagine the experience of admiring work art, playing videogames, visualizing moving images or an animated video feeling you as if you are right there? Wearing these glasses enables you to travel not only physically but also in space-time to past or future periods, or even daily situations. This technological advancement is considered as the empathy machine, conjuring up the emotions of the person who wears them. When we mention the empathy machine we mean that when wearing them the visual experience goes beyond just vision but also brings in the senses for a greater immersion level, placing ourselves in another person’s place. Some humanitarian organizations have carried awareness campaigns using Virtual Reality glasses as a medium to make people conscious of the suffering the civilian population is going through in Syrian war.

How do Virtual Reality Glasses Work?

virtual reality glasses
Virtual Reality Glasses : How do they work?

Virtual Reality glasses count with lenses and a screen divided in two parts. They are provided with an Optical system which enables them to offer that unique & special visual experience. Thanks to its optical system the image projected to each eye differs and leads to a 3-dimension vision with a greater depth feeling. If you are considering buying Virtual Reality glasses consider that there are currently different manufacturers in the market. Depending on the model you select the visual experience can be more or less real; you can enjoy a greater 3D effect or even count with sound sensors that will accompany your sight.

Virtual Reality Glasses: Benefits

advantages of virtual reality glasses
Virtual Reality Glasses: Benefits

The fact that these glasses upgrade the sensorial experience makes almost anyone want to try them on. Besides this, there are other benefits that you may did not have initially imagined. Although when you think of Virtual Reality glasses you may link them to videogames and 3D films, they have been launched for many other applications and uses. In many schools this gadget is being implemented with the purpose of improving children learning process, going beyond just reading, listening and learning concepts through feelings. Other areas in which these glasses are being currently used are in the virtual practice of risky Sports, feeling the adrenaline without undergoing the risks.


blue light visual health
Disadvantages of Virtual Reality Glasses

Not everything regarding Virtual Reality glasses are benefits. This technology is still in its early stage, making the price still out of reach for many. However, if you want to go through the experience there are many specialized centers that organize activities for groups to feel the emotion at least for some time. If you are used to playing with your Playstation bear in mind that a prolonged use of these glasses can cause dizziness. You should also limit the user time as the LED radiation projected to the retina in a shorter distance than usual can be harmful.

We hope you have found useful this post and invite you to visit our blog where you will find other posts regarding visual health.

Each season the “Pantone Institute” updates us with the upcoming colour trends that will dye our clothing and accessories. This Spring-Summer Season the predominant colours are electric blue, pink, green… Many tonalities that promise to find room in the shopping malls, fashion magazines and shop windows. Celebrities also have their own influence in terms of setting the Fashion trends each time they are spotted at Social, Fashion and other public events. We have selected and identified “Yellow len sunglasses” as a must to include among your accessories this season. Find in this post a selection of some of the trendiest yellow sunglasses available and catch up with the latest “lens trends”.

Yellow lens sunglasses: Ray-Ban the Ja-Jo

Yellow sunglasses
Yellow lens sunglasses: Ray-Ban the Ja-Jo

Ray-Ban Eyewear Brand has just launched the new Ja-Jo sunglasses collection. We bet this model is going to be la crème the la crème this Spring- Summer. They remind us of the hippie style that we have seen on top celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo or Alexa Chung in music festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury. The only thing you should bear in mind is their XXL size, although they may look like John Lennon style sunglasses.

Yellow lens sunglasses: Tom Ford Raphael

Yellow sunglasses vintage
Yellow lens sunglasses: Tom Ford Raphael

Would you define yourself as a Tom Ford Eyewear lover? Then don’t miss the Raphael sunglasses model. We simply find it the best frame combination with Havana acetates and the latest Eyewear trends: The Yellow lenses. If you are thinking of buying timeless sunglasses to wear every season, then the Raphael model will fit you like a glove.

Yellow sunglasses: Police

yellow lens sunglasses
Yellow lens sunglasses: Police

We mentioned it in previous posts, double bridge frames keep being on the top of trendy Eyewear list. Want to see the result of combining them with yellow mirrored lenses? Look at these Police sunglasses, the perfect model to take with you everywhere this Summer and shine off that youthful allure.

Yellow lens sunglasses: Italian Independent

aviator sunglasses
Yellow lens sunglasses: Italian Independent

For those who are eternally loyal to the classic aviator model we have picked out for you these Italian Independent. We believe they are the best accessory to round off a total black wearing style, giving a touch of colour and modernity, mainly given by the yellow mirrored lenses. Would you dare to try them on?
If you have liked the models we have selected for you we invite you to take a look at many other in our online store.

Have you ever had a sty? Almost everybody has at least once in their life suffered from this annoying ocular inflammation which frequently appears in the most inappropiate moment. In this post we give you information about what is it a sty, its main causes and some of the symptoms. Find also some recommendations to prevent Styes or healing remedies.

What is a sty?

What is a sty?

Having a sty is like having a pimple. Styes come from the term “hordeolum” and reffers to the eyelids oil glands inflammation, which leads to a painful lump filled with pus. Stys can be formed on the edge of the eyelid or in the inner part of the eye (these are the most painful ones). They normally appear due to the Staphylococcus bacteria, present in our skin and nasal cavity . These bacterium is present in all human organism, so anyone can suffer from a sty regardless theur group of age or gender. The sty will appear due to the transmission of these bacteria from the nasal cavity to the eyes when we scratch, for example. External stys appear as a result of the inflammation of the eyelashes follicles or the Zeis gland (gland in charge of keeping our eyelashes moisturized) or the Moll glands. In the case of internal Stys, which appear in the inner part of the eyelids, these cause us greater pain. In the latter type of Stys, the main cause is the gland suffers from inflammation of the Meibomian gland, that produces the sebaceous liquid that covers the eye lacrimal caruncle.

Sty main symptoms

ocualr health
Sty main symptoms

We are more likely to develop Stys when our immunity system is low & weaker, leading to a decrease in our defenses and promotes inflammation. Remember that occasion when a Sty appeared when you were going through a stressful situation. This ocular discomfort is not serious but needs to be watched so the symptoms do not worsen. We can mainly detect a Sty, besides the evident lump, when we feel greater sensitivity to light (photosensitivity), experience highger tearing , or feel burning or redness of your eyes.

Stys prevention and healing

stys treatment
Stys prevention and healing

The best way to avoid a Sty is to follow good hygienical habits. Although the bacteria that causes Sty inconveniences is naturally present in our bodies, in our skin and mucous, some practices such as cleaning our hands (frequently we scratch our eyes unconsciously) with regularity will reduce the probability of developing this ocular discomfort. Our expert opticians recommend not to share with others towels, pillows or blankets as a way to prevent the spread of infection. For those who use contact lenses on a regular basis, try to put them apart while you have the Sty, and if you use the disposable type of contact lenses, use new ones once your Sty has healed. The best to heal a Sty is not to exasperate trying to burst them, as it only worsens the symptoms. A sty will normally disappear in a 1 to 3-week time and to palliate its symptoms we can apply warm washcloths upon the eyelid for 5 to 10 minutes on various moments during the day, unblocking the Sty and releasing the oil inside of them. At no moment, should we apply on it ice. Our experts also advice that when we suffer from an internal Sty, try to get an appointment with your Doctor or Ophthalmologist so they can treat it, to release the pus or remove the eyelash originator.

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Is the “Maui Jim Eyewear” brand familiar to you? If you have never heard about it before, then we will explain for you in this post a brand which is characterized by the “Aloha Philosophy” and the high quality Eyewear designs which they produce that makes Maui Jim one of the most valued brands in the Fashion Industry. We have spotted some celebrities wearing Maui Jim Sunglasses such as Matt Damon, George Clooney, David Hasselhoff or even ex-President Barack Obama and we want to highlight further details from this brand History´s and recommend for you some of their bestselling designs.

The Maui Jim History: From the Hawaii Seaside

Maui Jim was founded in 1980 as a small business which would sell sunglasses on the Lahaina (Hawaii) beaches. Some years later it would turn into the first Eyewear firm that developed polarized lenses to protect Eyesight from the UV radiation and sun flashes. They have incorporated into their sunglasses collections the PolarizedPlus2® technology to guarantee to the best protection against damaging UV radiations and a give a clearer vision. Their brand statement? To spread their Aloha Philosophy and make life brighter so people can see the World in the most colourful way. For the Maui Jim brand the key elements in life for a rich human experience are lights and colours. What started with the Classic sunglasses collection has led to a collection of 125 polarized sunglasses which protect our eyesight from the damaging UV and UVB radiations.

Maui Jim: PolarizedPlus2® Technology

Maui Jim lenses
PolarizedPlus2® Technology

The Classic Collection, the first launched by Maui Jim which incorporated the PolarizedPlus2® technology was composed initially of only 7 Eyewear designs, and the brand has now expanded its product line offering up to 125 sunglasses with the PolarizedPlus2® technology. What is PolarizedPlus2®? Lenses which have this technology adhered provide a higher clarity and enhance colours intensity. Besides providing with a better vision experience they protect the eyesight from the suns glare discomfort. You will find a wide range of different lenses targeted to different lifestyles, you can choose the most suitable to practice you favourite Sport; going to the beach, an adventure trip in the mountains, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a glance at the Maui Jim lenses offer, which are perfect for those who tend to get their sunglasses scratched or damaged.

Maui Jim Atoll Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses
Maui Jim Atoll Sunglasses

We are betting that Maui Jim sunglasses are going to be top Fashion trend this Spring-Summer Season. Many of the brand´s models are inspired in Matrix trilogy films, and celebrities such as Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner have already joined this Eyewear trend. The Atoll model counts with neutral grey lenses that will offer your vision the best contrast, enhancing colours.

Maui Jim World Cup Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses
Maui Jim World Cup Sunglasses

The World Cup sunglasses model is directly inspired in the only World Cup Blue Marlin Championship. The frame is made of acetates which cover great part of the face and count with thick arms which make of them the best accessory to protect your eyesight while practising Sports like Sailing, Golf or for the surfer types who enjoy themselves gliding on the waves.

Maui Jim Upcountry Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses collection
Maui Jim Upcountry Sunglasses

The Aviator sunglasses model has demonstrated that they always find room in the latest Fashion trends, season upon season. The Upcountry sunglasses are inspired in the classic Aviator model, round shaped, metallic frame except for the arms which are composed of acetates. These sunglasses have adhered the PolarizedPlus2® techonology to see life full of colour.

Maui Jim Keanae Sunglasses

Maui Jim Eyewear Collection
Maui Jim Keanae sunglasses

The Keane sunglasses model owes its name to the Keane peninsula located in Maui. This model is perfect for both Men and Women. If you would rather go for a light frame, practical and flexible, this model will be your best choice. They are the best definition of comfort and elegance now that we are going to spend greater number of hours outdoors this Summer.
If you have liked this post, we invite you to find many other Maui Jim sunglasses models in our online store.

Almost everybody has felt at least once in life that their eyelids twitch unintentionally. Has it happened to you? If the answer is yes, you will agree that this feeling is a bit annoying, and when suffering it for a long period it can also lead you asking if you may be suffering a serious ocular pathology. Have you asked yourself “why do eyelids twitch?” The “Eye Orbit Spasms”, more commonly known as Eye twitching, and it causes eye discomfort but there is no need to worry. In this post, we reveal the main causes why this occurs from time to time.

Eye Orbit Spasm

Although we colloquially say our Eyelids twitch, the correct term would be that we suffer Eye Orbit Spasm. Complex as it may sound, this process only involves the involuntary contraction of the orbicular muscles fibers, muscle which oversees the eyelids opening and closing process. When we experience these Eye Orbit Spams our eyelids don’t close completely when we blink. Although it causes an uncomfortable feeling, normally eyelids twitch is benign, there is no need to worry about this as it comes and goes.

Why do Eyelids twitch? : Main causes


Ocular health Why do Eyelids twitch
Why do Eyelids twitch? Occasional stress and anxiety

We occasionally go through stressful moments in our work place or in our personal life due to distinct reasons and although we may not be conscious our body can end up highlighting these stress symptoms. If “Eyelid twitching” is caused by these punctual anxious situations, do not worry, it will disappear in the same way it appeared.

Visual Eye strain

visual health eye strain
Visual Eye Strain

With our current lifestyles, we put our eyesight under a great visual strain. The clear example are the long hours we spend using our mobile devices and computer in the workplace. We sometimes forget to use our eyeglasses properly or we may not have them accurately prescribed. Do you give your eyes a rest during your working hours? All these factors together are closely related to Ocular fatigue and sometimes leads to the sporadic eye twerk.

Eye dryness and ocular fatigue

ocular fatigue
Eye dryness and ocular fatigue

Dry eye syndrome and ocular fatigue are frequently motivated by excessive use of mobile devices and computer screen exposure, or long reading hours. Have you ever tried giving your eyes a rest applying the 20-20-20 method? Take a break every 20 minutes and look to a different point which should be located at least 20 feet away from you, do it for 20 seconds and you will feel eyesight relief. If you experience eye dryness you can also try artificial eyedrops, which will keep your eyes moisturized.

Substances to avoid

visual health recommendations
Substances to be avoided


Our expert opticians recommend to avoid the excessive consumption of certain substances such as coffee or tea, which contain high caffeine levels and this could lead to irregular Eye Orbit Spasms. In addition to these substances, there are others that are not recommended, including tobacco and alcohol, which increase the probability of suffering “Eye twitching” and discomfort.

There is no specific treatment to cure Eyelids spasms, we repeat that is not a real situation to worry. However, if these spasms last a long time, we advise that you visit your ophthalmologist and have an Eyesight test taken to eliminate a possible ocular pathology.

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